A Bridge for Kids @ abridgeforkids.org

Hello everyone.  I am starting up a charity that will help underprivileged teens. Here is a little information about the organization.  


To be a forward thinking, financially solid and self sustaining organization that dramatically impacts the lives of teenagers, allowing each and every young teen to pursue their dreams and aspirations regardless of their economic situation. We strive to help young people in need… succeed!

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a bridge between young teens who are in need of educational and financial assistance and those people that can provide these resources. In doing so, we strive to make lasting improvements in the lives of young people and the society in which they live.

The Need

Every year foster youth are given a clothes stipend that barely covers the cost of a new pair of shoes. Many have no money for the necessary school supplies or school activities such as a prom or class trip. Not surprisingly, less than 50% will ever graduate high school, approximately 25% will eventually become homeless and only 3% will earn a college degree.

Every month inner city teens are choosing the street over pursuing a sport or hobby, primarily because of a lack of financial resources.

Every week children are dislocated from one or more of their parents and are in need of a helping hand in order to continue to pursue a specific interest in a sport, the arts or academics.

Every day kids everywhere are looking for a “hand up” in lieu of a “hand out.”

What We Do…Child Sponsorship

As our Mission describes we build bridges between those that have and those that need. The primary program we provide is A Bridge for Kids Teen Sponsorship. We believe that by sponsoring a child you help bring long-term changes to a child’s life and their community. What makes our organization unique is that we recognize that each child has different needs and dreams and just as no two children are exactly the same, neither are our Sponsorships. We tailor the program to the individual and provide resources for everything from the basic necessities like school supplies and clothing to athletic equipment for the aspiring athlete. Our goal is to take dreams and make them reality.

Our Approach

  1. We actively identify people who would like to impact the lives of teenagers in need.
  2. We find young teens who aspire to advance their lives but are handicapped by a lack of financial resources.
  3. We bring together the sponsor and recipient, ensure all resources are being used wisely and oversee each relationship to a successful conclusion.
  4. We individually review each case and strive to make the next one even better.

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