A Bridge for Kids Charity- Teen Sponsorship!

A Bridge for Kids

What is Sponsorship?

We know you care about helping children in need and through A Bridge for Kids sponsorship program, you can! Sponsorship is a great way to experience the joys of helping a child while at the same time make a lasting difference in his or her life. Your financial contribution will be used only for what your child needs, everything from the basic necessities, helping with the cost of a prom or school trip and much, much more.

You can sponsor a child for a full year, half year or contribute to a general fund that is used to help as many teens as we are able to assist. >>> Types of Sponsorships.


It gives you a chance to share a unique relationship with a child. As a sponsor, through your contributions, you will help provide important benefits to a child. However, what really makes this special is the one on one relationship you develop with your teen. While we strive to help hundreds of children each year, our programs are set up to work one-on-one. This way you know your child will only have one sponsor… and that is you. If you wish, your name will be shared with your child, and you are encouraged to interact with him or her as much as you desire. Many sponsors send birthday and holiday wishes as well. This all helps to create a lasting bond between you and your sponsored child which goes well beyond any financial contribution.


Unlike some other charities, 100% of your donation goes directly to the teens in need. Each month, sponsorship monies are combined, needs are examined and funds are used to help those that need help the most. While many teens who apply for sponsorship desire the most basic of necessities, no two young people have the same needs and for that reason no two sponsorships are exactly the same!


Exchanging letters and even small gifts with your sponsored child can help build a wonderful relationship that will be rewarding to you both. You may even include a picture of yourself or your family if you wish. You are encouraged to correspond as much as you like but it is really up to you. We only ask that all correspondence go through A Bridge for Kids per the guidelines set in our Safety First policy.

Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person’s life. Sponsor a child today @ http://www.abridgeforkids.org/sponsor-now.html


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