How to sponsor a teen @

“Sponsoring a child takes less than 3 minutes of your time but the benefit will last a lifetime.”

How it works:

Choose a sponsorship
Full and Half year sponsorships will allow 100% of your gift to go directly to a specific child. We will match you with a child from our list of applicants (usually within 24 hours) and soon thereafter send you a brief biography of the child, telling you a little bit about his or her interests and needs.

“There is so much excitement in being a sponsor to a young person. I actually get copies of his report cards and it is heartwarming to see his progress. Of course, I cannot express the fun I have shopping for gifts to show how proud I am with his performance.” ~ Elayne, Indio CA

General Fund donations will be combined with the gifts of other sponsors and donors- rather than giving them directly to one child. This allows us to help as many teens in need as we possibly can in the most efficient way possible. As with the full and partial year sponsorships we again pledge that 100% of your gift will go toward helping a teen in need and not toward our organizational expenses.

Choose who will be sponsoring the child (you, your organization or maybe this is a gift for someone else) Send your donation over our secure network using paypal or a credit card.

“My family and I have had the privilege of helping many kids and adults over the years. It has truly been a great blessing to give both financially and with our time. I believe that Jesus has given and blessed us with all we have and we should look for ways to use those resources to show His great love to others!” ~ Tom & Kari, La Quinta Ca.

Getting to Know Your Child
We encourage our sponsors to get to know their teen. We believe that the long-term relationships that develop from sponsorships can even outweigh the benefit of your financial commitment. Many of these teens have had a difficult upbringing and large percentages are from a single parent household or grew up in the foster care system here in San Diego. Many times what a sponsor might see as a trivial act of kindness a teen will treasure for the rest of their life.

“I truly believe in the sponsorship model! I have sponsored a child for over 4 years now and it is a win-win for both child and sponsor. I find the relationship you form with your child is sometimes more valuable than the financial commitment” ~ Michael, San Diego CA

Continuing the Relationship
Few things are more rewarding in life than impacting the life of someone else. We think one of the best parts of child sponsorship is that you can actually see the impact your support is having. You will not only receive a biography on the child but will receive periodic updates throughout the year, including reports from school.

Please visit today and sponsor a teen in need!


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