Stewardship of Our Children

Wonderful Biblical view of children and our responsibilities to them.

Faithful Families Ministries

Stewardship:  The managing of resources that belong to someone else over which another is entrusted.  Time, money, technology, jobs, etc…we’ve been studying that these are given to us by God and we are to make the best use of these resources.  Children are no different.  Children are also to be considered an entity that God gives us, with great expectations of our exercising good stewardship over them.  Of course, like all things, that’s not easy. 

Stewardship of our children consists of at least three keys.  We’ll go into more detail in a moment, but for now, get your mind ready to appreciate the facts that children belonged to God in the first place, we have a responsibility to train them, and we need to give them back to God and allow them to do whatever it is He called them to do.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is…

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