A Bridge for Kids announces winner of essay contest and $2,000 sponsorship.

Congratulations to Laura Castro the winner of the 2012 A Bridge for Kids Essay Contest and a $2,000 sponsorship.


Laura Castro, from The Preuss School in San Diego, won the first annual essay contest and the first prize, a $2,000 sponsorship from A Bridge for Kids. Laura’s essay was judged to be both the most creative and original by a panel of judges, beating out numerous other entries including many from her own school!

What one thing would you change if you were President for the day? That was question posed to teenagers everywhere and in the winning essay Laura said that she would “require schools to put more emphasis on involvement of sports towards younger generations to help develop future leaders and help students learn valuable life lessons.” Tammy Nance, from A Bridge for Kids and a judge in the contest, commented “There were so many great essays to read through but Laura’s really stood out to me. I thought the issue discussed was not only topical but the analysis was well thought out and articulated”

Mrs. Nance added, “We look forward to helping hard working, motivated teens like Laura. We work with each individual to understand their specific situation, to understand their needs and to make sure the money is used wisely. Whether is providing help with scholastics, athletics or something in the arts, we aim to provide that “hand up” to those who aspire to better their lives.”



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